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10 February
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Born and raised in Massachusettes, high school in Louisiana, college and now living in Texas. (From Yankee, to Coonass, to Texan)

yeah, culture shock! :-/

I'm in my twenties and ready to really LIVE for the first time. I've already got many interests (photography, computers, games, women, friends) but want to know and experience more (travel, history, most things sexual...).
I'm always interested in meeting new people, but I'm also rather shy to begin with (I'm naturally quite submissive). I occasionally need a little prodding to open up, but most people never regret getting to know me.

oh yeah. I'm bipolar and a bit obsessive compulsive. One day I'll actually see a shrink about it....

1 last thing, my nickname. I am MALE, but named "flower". I have a white streak in my hair. You should be able to figure the rest. ;-)