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where'd the time go?

Damn, how did 8 weeks slip by?
Well, i promised an update, so here one is....here is one....whatever.

My diploma is useless. Should have majored in something totally different. I was too you to make a wise choice, just like many many MANY others. Who knows what they want as a career when they're 18???

Anyway, I'm managing a major chain camera store. Have been working for the company about 2 years. After being screwed and kept in a "training" store for 1.5 years (about 2-3 times longer than any other manager anyone could remember), I've finally been promoted to one of the largest stores in the area. (mind you, I did better in the "training store" than anyone previously for many years, so I wasn't kept there because of lack of ability.)
...just in time for a major f*cking recession...

So, i kinda like the job. I mean, cameras and photography are a bit of a hobby. They have been since high school and earlier. However, the pushy sales bit (goals goals goals...quotas...why can't we just sell the customer what they need & want and not add bullsh!t on top to pad the sale??? OK, I know the extra padding is how the company makes money and stays open, but it's still damn annoying.) and the corporate environment is really wearing thin. Yet another company I've worked for that has no loyalty towards is own employees. In fact, major big-wigs (high level VPs) have said straight up that "trained monkeys can do this job". Suuuuure....trained monkeys (or someone right of the street with no experience or knowledge of the technology) can do proper manual color correction on photos, fully explain a camera's features and functions, and troubleshoot & explain why a customer's pictures aren't coming out well.
sorry for the mini-rant.
Isn't it the belief that experienced and knowledgeable employees one of the major reasons that Circuit City closed? About 2 years before failing, the higher-ups thought it would be a good idea to fire all the experienced & knowledgeable employees because it was cheaper to hire minimum wage workers who didn't know a damn thing.

So, where was I? Oh yeah. Managing one of the largest stores in the market. Ready to find a job I actually enjoy. Sad thing is, the most fulfilling (and best paying, but that has nothing to do with the fulfilling part) job I had was shortly after college. It all failed when the tech bubble burst, though. And even that one wasn't a "dream job".

Anyone out there got a winning lottery ticket?
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