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Surgery...really? wow

Since i haven't really gotten word out, i'll do it now.

I had surgery on 7/14.
Of all things, I had a fucking TUMOR on my left middle finger! I'm just now getting back the ability to use the finger again for some things (like typing).

Everything should be fine. It wasn't cancer or anything else that could be a risk to my health. It didn't even really need to be cut out....it was just annoying. It hurt occasionally & slightly limited the use of the finger.

When I get a chance (now that i can type again) i'll post the SURGERY PICTURES for all to see. Yes, i've got pictures. :-D I brought my camera & asked the doctor/surgeon to have someone photograph my surgery. It's surprising, but the pics came out pretty well!
Anyway, i'll be putting them up on my website for the curious folks to check out. They're not bloody (they actually drained all the blood out of my arm!!!!), but they ARE icky. :-p My finger was sliced open and the skin spread apart, tendons pulled, etc. Juicy. :-D
The 2 chucks of tumor pulled were about the size of peanut M&Ms. Imagine that stuffed in your finger!

Anyway, I'll post the link to the surgery pics (and current, post-surgery pics) when I get them uploaded somewhere.

I know this is a bit of an odd post, especially since I haven't posted in months. But, hopefully it'll help get me back in the habit of using LJ a bit more.
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