flower (silverlock) wrote,

new update on Psycho Bitch

Hysteria has reached a whole new level now that It has read this journal.

Keeping to the high road, It has demanded that some of my stuff in the garage is moved within 24 hours because it's a "fire hazard".
It's at a door to the water heater. I don't know if that's a fire hazard or not, but some of it was placed there by the roommates.
Not a problem though, i'll just move it after work.

The REALLY "amusing" part is the complete mental meltdown of It today. I was trying to get ready for work, and It starts yelling outside the bathroom door. Since i was in the shower, i couldn't really hear, so It barged right on it! Spent 20-30 minutes screaming at me about different things, then finished by throwing my towels (and i don't know what else) at me in the shower, trashing It's own shower curtains & rod, and getting water all over the place (since i was still actively taking a shower).
This could probably be filed w/ the PD as assault...but i'm leaving so soon it's probably not worth it.
I just hope i don't regret NOT filing a report...

counting down the days to freedom....
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