flower (silverlock) wrote,

Fina BITCH straw

Final straw time.

I went out on Thurs. night and got trashed. The Bitch had royally pissed me off that day, and i figured abusing my own body would be better than damaging It or It's property.

Came home LATE Friday after spending the day with a friend calming down...(slept in the bar parking lot...too trashed for anything else...i assume, i don't remember). When i arrived home, i found a big LEAKING bag of trash in the middle of my bed!
The Bitch, not liking that i wasn't home to take the trash out, threw the bag into the middle of my bed (in the process, walking right by the garage it needed to be taken to).
Obviously, i wasn't happy.

Since (1) i don't know what side of the bed It sleeps on and i didn't want to get it on my other roommates side, and (2) it might be considered assault if i threw the full bag on top of her while It slept in the bed, i just took the trash into the garage and put it in her car. I figured if i had to sleep with the smell that night, It'd have to drive with the smell the next day.
I then went to bed...after locking my door.

The next morning (this morning), around 8 AM (i was sound asleep), The Bitch came POUNDING on my door, yelling and screaming. It woke up the whole house, and possibly the neighbors, too. I guess It didn't appreciate the trash...but at least It didn't have to sleep in it.

So, since NONE of this was actually her fault (see, it wasn't her fault that the trash ended up in my bed because i was the one who wasn't home to take it out...doesn't matter than It put it there) i have now been denied any use of her stuff in the home. Plates, glasses, utensils, kitchen trash can, the mattress that i'd been using (since it had previously been in the garage), etc.
Oh, and in the process of taking all my stuff out of the kitchen where someone other than me might use it, It broke my glass butter caddy and sliced open her hand. *giggle*
i can't feel ANY pity about it because (1) It is being a cunt, and (2) i was trying to gather my stuff myself because i knew It'd break something, even though It told me It wouldn't...seconds before breaking something and cutting Itself. :-D
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